Søges: Kok med erfaring i asiatisk køkken til travl restaurant


If you are a KOK and sushi kok, with experience in asian cuisine - look here

Busy restaurant located in this restaurant, is in search of 4 workers.

It is required that you have eperience from the resaurant industry. And it is required that your eperience must be from an asian type of kitchen. 

Our expectations of you : 

  • KOK:You have to be able to handle yourself in a kitchen, purely practical and hygienic.FX.order kitchen supplies and vegetables and so on.
  • Sushi :you have to able to handle yourself about sushi,fx.Cut fish and wrap sushi rolls.
  • You must master the skills required in asian cuisine. 
  • It is important that you have a passion for asian cuisine and take pride in the fact that all dishes are made with love. 
  • You need to speak a little English or a little Danish。

We will provide you with good and thorough training in the start-up phase. But then you are expeced to be able to work closely with our other chefs. 

Our vision for you, is that you will help our other chefs in renewing and innovate our menu. So that our guests have the opportunity to taste a varied and innovative menu. 

Good salary is given according to qualifications. 

You must be agreed that the restaurant is large and well-frequented. And therefore we are almost always busy. 

If the above has piqued your interest, please send your application, cv and picture to us by email. 

Note !

We reserve the right to only respond to those candidates whom we deem qualified and wish to see for en in-depth interview. 



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Middelfart Kommune

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Fastansættelse: fuldtid


Super Sushi ApS, Elmegade, 5500 Middelfart


Ansøgningsfrist: 15-07-2024;

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